Excel Buffer Issue

nvermanverma Member Posts: 396
I have a report with two dataitems. I have only linked the two dataitems together using the DataItemLink property.

I am trying to create an excel document, with the info from the 2nd dataitem. However, no matter what I do , nothing gets outputted.

However, if I delete the first dataitem and then I am able to see the output of records.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

I tried debugging it, its just not looping in the OnAfterGetRecord function...

I tried creating my own loop using repeat, but still nothing.


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    satbirsatbir Member Posts: 33
    check your dataitemlink and your data.
    Either your data is not correct or you are using wrong fields to link.
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    nvermanverma Member Posts: 396

    It was my own stupidity.

    Instead of putting the code in the 1st dataitem to create the excel workbook. I had it on the 2nd dataitem. That is what was throwing the whole thing off.
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