Sorting of table not working in 2009 RTC

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I have a bespoke page set up for a user. It has a number of preset sort options. When you go to "Customize this Page" and then "Arrange by" I have set up there sort option here. The odd this is that when I select one of these sort options and select OK the sort option has no effect. The page refreshes as though it is working but after the refresh the view of the data has not changed, even if I just try switching from Ascending to Descending or visa versa. Has anyone any ideas of what I could look for?




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    GavNavGavNav Member Posts: 10
    I used the sorting at the top of the page, instead of going through the "Customize this Page" option. The sorting at the top of the page works fine. Quite bizarre. Could anyone offer an explanation as to why this may be?
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