Visual Studio 2008 Express SP1 Download?

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Hi Everybody,

Does anyone know where I can download Visual Studio 2008 Express with Service Pack 1. Apparently this is the only free version that can be used to debug RTC on NAV 2009. Any of the links I have found online are no longer working and it seems Microsoft has removed the files entirely from their download section.




  • neilgfneilgf Member Posts: 148
    I have Visual Web developer 2008 with SP1 and addon for Nav 2009 application install files.
    If this is of interest, send me your email and I will send a link from our web page.
  • geordiegeordie Member Posts: 655
    Please correct me if I'm providing wrong links :oops:

    Visual Studio 2008 Express with SP1:
    Visual Web Developer:
  • thomastthomast Member Posts: 102
    Niel, thank you - I've send you a message.

    Geordie, unfortunately the link to Visual Studio Express 2008 Sp1 you supplied is not for the express version. :( But thank you very much for trying!!!

  • mark_aumark_au Member Posts: 40
    Try this, it was the best I could find whilst looking for the same thing:

    Visual Web Developer 2008 SP1 Install Link:

    Report add-on required (for report development):
  • clauslclausl Member Posts: 455
    I have them on my SkyDrive or OneDrive as it is now called:

    Look in the NAV 2009 folder.

    You will find many other things there, completely undocumented.

    When I do a RDLC example, I usually store my examples here. Sometimes I blog about them, when time permits, but many examples found here, I have not blogged about yet.

    I.e. you also find the necessary Visual Studio files for design reports for free in NAV 2013, without requiring a Pro version of Visual Studio 2010. These files can be found in the NAV 2013 folder. Notice that the last file has been completely removed from Microsoft servers and cannot be downloaded from Microsoft any more.

    /Claus Lundstrøm
    Claus Lundstrøm | MVP | Senior Product Manager |
    I'm blogging here: and used to blog here:
    I'm also offering RDLC Report Training, ping me if you are interested. Thanks to the 700 NAV developers that have now already been at my training. You know you can always call if you have any RDLC report issues :-)
  • gtrgtr Member Posts: 131
    I need to install VS 2008 on my laptop and so I downloaded the thinbgs on SkyDrive
    VS install goes fine but when trying to install the addon I get an error message (see picture joined)
    I already had issues with language errors on install of ms products
    It seems to be impossible to download the addon in french
    Any help possible ?
    Thanks - Gustav

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