Shortcutkey property in NAV 7R2 Webclient

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We have a customer running on Navision 7 R2, and we installed the webclient. All works fine on that webclient except one tiny detail: the shortcutkeys won't work.

I've searched for documentation on restrictions in the webclient, but found nothing on disabled or unusable shortcutkeys. Also I searched for shortcuts already in use by the browser, but also found no conflicting shortcuts.

Can somebody give me some good news and tell me that it should be possible but that I'm forgetting something? ](*,)

The setup:
OS: Windows XP
Navision: Webclient
Browser: Chrome (also tried Firefox and IE)


I've found a website (http://www.k3technical.com/web-client-features/) that seems to have a more complete list of things blown to bits by the Webclient than Microsoft seems to provide. It says: No Keyboard Shortcuts. In intend to believe this, so this one is marked as SOLVED.
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