Error message when running "Adjust Cost-Item Entries" batch

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Dear Expert,

When running the Adjust Cost-Item Entries batch job, I received the following error message:

Order Type must be equal to 'Production' in Item Journal Line: Journal Template Name=, Journal Batch Name=, Line No.=0. Current value is 'Assembly'.

I checked the Item Ledger Entries and confirmed there are entries with Order Type as Assembly.

I would assume that it is correct to use Order Type as Assembly as it is created by Assembly orders. I checked partner source, but was not able to find any hotfix for this issue.

Have any of you encountered such error? I would be greatly appreciate your suggestion and help.

Thank you.



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    BenBeasleyBenBeasley Member Posts: 6
    Hi Li,

    I've experienced the same issue due to data upgrades from 2009 to 2013. If the client uses Kitting, it seems as though Microsoft's data upgrade toolkit doesn't take into account all scenarios in order to upgrade the data correctly to Assembly Orders.

    In NAV 2013+, you will find that there are 2 new "Entry Types" on the Item Ledger Entry table (Assembly Output & Assembly Consumption). If you apply a filter on "Order Type" for 'Assembly', you will find that the Entry Types have been kept as 'Output' and 'Consumption'. You will need to write an update report to modify these Entry Types to 'Assembly Output' and 'Assembly Consumption'. You also need to do the same for the Value Entry table, but modify the "Item Ledger Entry Type" field where "Order Type" = Assembly.

    In my client database, I also filtered on any Item Ledger Entries with "Order Type" = Production and changed these to 'Assembly' and updated the associated Entry Types to match. That's only because they never used production orders, so I would've thought there should be no entries with this Order Type.

    I still haven't had time to log this issue with Microsoft, but hopefully someone on here will read this and might do it for me :)

    Hope this helps!

    - Ben
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    Thank you so much for your advice. It helps a lot.

    For ILE table, I found everything is good. However, I think it is OK to keep order type as Production, if the kit item is created using bom journal, as the upgrade only relates to "kit-to order sales".

    For our case, the issue is in Value Entry table, if I apply a filter for "Assembly" Order Type, I found ILE type as "consumption" and "output". I dont think that is correct.

    I will need to do more testing to confirm if the above is all.

    Thank you.

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