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nvermanverma Member Posts: 396
One of our clients just asked - how hard would it be to get me a list of the rights necessary to go through the accounting and financial granules but not allow any posting? We have a third party that needs access to Navision account and financials but we only want “view” access.

What would be the easiest way of implementing this? Is there a list of tables that are related to finance/account for NAV? OR would I have to go through the painful process of creating a new role and adding permissions to it and testing out different kinds of financial transaction (if I get a permission issue, then add the appropriate permission to the new role, sync it and try it again)?


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    geordiegeordie Member Posts: 655
    What about starting from standard roles (G/L-ACC SCHED, G/L-ACCOUNT, G/L-BANK ACC, G/L-BUDGET, G/L-REGISTER, P&P-VENDOR) and use NAV Easy Security Light to check and, in case, complete them?
    Even with the free version you should be able, through SQL trace file, to build an appropriate set of permission.
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    mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Member Posts: 802
    For this we created a simple solution which you can make too.

    We have secured the "No. Series" with a role. Only members of that role can post or create new records.

    Think about it. It's about a day to implement.
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