C# Automation

SynphonySynphony Member Posts: 7
I have searched all over and I am unable to locate any sample code for the issue I am having so hopefully someone here has an idea.

I created an automation in NAV that calls a class library in C#. This works fine and I have it displaying a NAV message box from my test codeunit. What I need to do is when the automation variable is called in NAV for it to open a C# form. Sounds basic enough right? I know that only exposed methods in the C# project can be seen by NAV, I have added a Windows Form to the project but have not found a way to expose that method to NAV. If anyone else has done this I would love to see some sample code. I am not looking for a plug and play solution, rather I am looking for enough direction that I can make the solution.

NAV2009 Classic R2
VS2012 .net 4
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