Date table. Show record from current date

awatharam86awatharam86 Member Posts: 49
Hi Friends,

Currently I'm developing at form with Date table (Virtual table). The form working fine, and record shows from current date. But the problem is, if I scroll up, it showing previous date record. How I can make the form only show records from current date and cannot show previous records. Here I cannot put SETRANGE to current date also, because I still need to process previous date record. But to show records in form, it should start from current date. How I can make it possible. Please Help.


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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,125

    Do you have a list form or a card form? What does it show and what's the purpose of that form?

    Why can't you set a filter? Can't you either clear the filter for processing or use a second record variable for processing?
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