User not connecting to server on workgroup

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We installed NAV 2013 R2 on a workgroup (NST and SQL are on the same machine), and there are users who are connecting to the server from their machines.

User XY has never been able to connect from his laptop (he gets the usual message “A server was not found at …”).

1. A different user, N1, can connect from XY’s laptop
2. XY can ping and telnet to the server on the relevant port
3. XY is a Windows admin of his laptop
4. File Sharing Wizard is disabled (both on the server, and on his machine) as recommended on the page below:
http://blogs.msdn.com/b/freddyk/archive ... ected=true
5. XY can login to NAV on the server itself (he has the SUPER role)
6. We tried using the IP instead of the server name (this works when XY connects from the server itself, but not when XY connects from his own laptop)

We uninstalled NAV from the laptop, restarted it, and re-installed NAV.
We also removed XY from the database and the server, and then re-created XY (on the server machine, and in NAV). We also restarted the NAV service.

Is there anything else we can check or try?

Thanks in advance.
Alastair Farrugia


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    Hi @afarr

    In NAV 2013 R2 you can use NAVUserPassword authentication. Why don't you try that instead of trying to maintain a shadow windows users on all machines ?
    Gunnar Gestsson
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    afarrafarr Member Posts: 287
    Hi Gunnar,

    The client told us that they will be setting up a Windows domain in the coming weeks, which should resolve the issue with Windows authentication. Until then, they are only setting up a handful of users in Nav.

    Since the problem only occurs for one user, and will be resolved in a few weeks, we will create a dummy Windows user in the meantime; this seems less hassle than setting up certificates for use with NavUser Password authentication.

    Alastair Farrugia
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