Comsume Web Service via Internet

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I have a question about comsume NAV Web Service via Internet.
my deployment is as below:
Version:NAV 2013 R2
Three Tier:SQL NAV-Database <

> Middle Tier Runing Web Service<

> IIS7.0 Web Server running ASP.NET application (DMZ) <

(as another post viewtopic.php?f=32&t=50815&hilit=web+service%2C+IIS)

My question is when I publish a Web service, I can only access to the middle tier by using an internal IP address or Middle tier host name, because the web service is host in Middle tier, right? Now I have a public IP address and Domain name which point to web server, then what should I do to open the web service to the internet? I mean, I could open the web client via public IP address, but How can I access the web service via the public IP address?

In the post above, ScottJones mentioned "Kerbros and tickets", I really don't know what is that mean, is there any easy way to do this kind of thing?


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    mmperis8mmperis8 Member Posts: 19
    You can access the web service by making a redirection on the router that provides the public IP. Configure the router to access the internal address and port number when the request arrives from a specific port number.
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    qiashzhouqiashzhou Member Posts: 10
    mmperis8, thanks!

    I was considering the same thing, but not sure it is reasonable or not, case you mentioned this, seems it is worth trying.
    But yesterday our infra team said they are considering to make a VPN connection between the external system and AP server, if that is possible, I shall not worry about the redirect thing, the external system can access my AP server directly by local IP address.

    Could anyone tell me how to close a post? Where should I click?
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