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anphilipanphilip Member Posts: 86
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Hi There,

Can anybody help me how EFT (electronic fund transfer) work in Navision 2013 r2 in Malaysia & Singapore country.
What's functionality use in EFT, If any body have any user manual regarding EFT or where can I download all this resources.

Thank you in advance !!!


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    davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,283
    I don't know your country version, but maybe my experience with the North America version could be helpful to you.
    1) the solution delivered by NAV was at best 80%
    2) the customer bank provided their NACHA guide which I used to make modifications including different payment codes
    3) the preview with the export does not actually export - printing or sending to Excel or PDF does create the export file
    4) I added logic to create and email the remittance advice per vendor - vendors usually like to know money is on the way
    5) I added a custom selection screen to feed the payment journal to replace the suggest vendor payments
    6) allowed for different payment dates for individual payments since NAV does not allow it, but the NACHA specs does, and the customer wanted to schedule payments using this and cut down on frequency of NACHA files.

    Your best source of additional information will be the guide from your NAV site's bank.
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    anphilipanphilip Member Posts: 86
    Hi davmac1,

    Thanks for sharing. May I know how you perform the EFT in NAV 2013 R2 version for your country. Any setting need to be done and how is the process.

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    davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,283
    I actually did it with NAV 2013 - R2 did not change the NACHA process muh from what I can see.
    You have to have a singe vendor bank account set up for electroni payment for each vendor you plan to pay that way. You can also handle customers the same way - both refunds and customer payments.
    There is a fair amount of work involved - you really need to get the bank's EFT guide.
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    khalilchahinkhalilchahin Member Posts: 25
    Hello David,

    I reviewed your reply regarding emailing remittance report automatically to vendors . and I am just wondering if you can give me more info on how you did this automation through NAV 2013 R2. because I am looking to do the same thing .

    is this option available in standard NAV 2015?


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