Navision 3.70A Payroll US/CA

DesiDesi Member Posts: 18
Can somebody tell me the latest version for the following payroll reports:

#14020051 940 (HRPUS3.70.01 03/17/04) ??

#14020115 941 (HRPUS3.70.00.32 11/13/03) ??

#14020116 941B (HRPUS3.60.00.14 01/13/02) ??

When I print these reports on the corresponding government forms, it seems as if the latest form changes are not adapted in Navision.


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    fbfb Member Posts: 246
    For v3.70, these two reports have been updated:

    Rpt 14020115 - "941": HRPUS3.70.02.56, 04/12/05, 9:00:00 AM
    Rpt 14020116 - "941B": HRPUS3.70.02.56, 04/12/05, 9:00:00 AM

    See Improvement 056 on MBS-Navision NA 3.70.B at
    https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource ... Imp056.htm
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    DesiDesi Member Posts: 18
    Great, thank you! I didn't check for improvements on 3.7B.
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    DesiDesi Member Posts: 18
    I reviewed improvement 056 and it is intended for version 3.70 B. My customer is on version 3.70 A (incl. service pack A and improvement 045). Do we need to upgrade to 3.70 B in order to get the updates for Payroll?
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