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Hi Everyone,

How should I add item serial numbers to the Posted Sales Invoice report?

I have already created my dataset, but how should I display this in Visual studio? For example, if I have a posted sales invoice with number SI001, with 2 item lines on it, each with Quantity 2, then I have a total of 4 serial numbers, say SN001, SN002, SN003, SN004. Then my dataset looks like this (line numbers are 10.000 and 20.000):

Invoice No LineNo ItemNo. Quantity SerialNo
SI001 10.000 Item1 2 SN001
SI001 10.000 Item1 2 SN002
SI001 20.000 Item2 2 SN003
SI001 20.000 Item2 2 SN004

But I want my invoice to display it like a normal invoice line with the Serial Numbers below each invoice line, like this:

Invoice line 1 (with ItemNo, Quantity, etc etc)
- SN001
- SN002

Invoice line 2 (with ItemNo, Quantity, etc etc)
- SN003
- SN004

So, should I use grouping or some other fancy trick to achieve this display in Visual Studio?

Thank you very much every body!!



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    clauslclausl Member Posts: 455
    Yes you need to create a Parent Group and group this on LineNo or ItemNo.
    Then in the group header you place the LineNo and Item No etc... and in Details you place SerialNo.
    So no fancy tricks to accomplish this.

    Happy New Year!

    /Claus Lundstrøm
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    thomastthomast Member Posts: 102
    Claus, you are the BEST! Thank you so much for quick and precis answer. Its working now!

    A very merry christmas to you to!
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