How to differenciate entries (invoice vs general journal)

poppinspoppins Member Posts: 647
Hi everyone,
My question is the following:
In table 17 (GL Entry), if I have an entry where Document Type=Invoice, how can I tell if it comes from an invoice or a journal?
Thanks in advance


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    ppavukppavuk Member Posts: 334
    Field 'Journal Batch Name' may give you a clue. System-created entries always leave it blank (when you post document there is no Journal Batch). When user post a journal - you got this filed populated.
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    gideongideon Member Posts: 17

    you are correct on the Journal Batch field. If populated then origin of that transaction is indeed from that journal batch.

    Be aware of system created boolean. This might not always be the case where you did a journal against a G/L account and the other leg of the transaction against bank account. That entry in table 17 for the Bank will be system created but the G/L account transaction will be false.

    the best bet will be to check for Journal batch field but also Source Code field. If close to standard NAV it should state something like "GENJNL" or * JNL at least. The number series might also give you a hint.

    Hope this helps.
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