NAV Server on Synology Diskstation

mkeurmkeur Member Posts: 13
Hi, does any one know if (and how) it is possible to install the MS NAV Dynamics Server on a Synology DiskStation?
It looks like I can install the files on the server but the services file can not be started. I get the following error:
"Error 1920. Service Database Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic SYNOLOGY (SYNOLOGY) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services."
Where "SYNOLOGY" is the server name I enter during installation.


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    ppavukppavuk Member Posts: 334
    Well, Synology DiskStation looks like home-class device, isn't it?
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    jglathejglathe Member Posts: 639
    ppavuk wrote:
    Well, Synology DiskStation looks like home-class device, isn't it?

    My Synologies are, but this depends... on the number. You can get them with intel x86 processors and enough RAM for NAV. And the RackStations aren't home-class.
    As for the error: Looks like the user to run this service doesn't have enough privileges. You may need to edit your local security policy settings (sorry, I'm on a german machine, so no description on how to get there). The policy item should be "Log on as a service".

    with best regards

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    mkeurmkeur Member Posts: 13
    hi Jens,
    thanks for the tip. I will give it a try to find te Logon as a service option
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