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Hi Experts

Client Demand:- He need that on a sales order he should able to generate a packing list for the items on sales order, then a report which also contain a invoice no. of current sale order, this report is going for custom clearance, and when he get clearance then he post that order.(Partial shipment is allowed).

what I have done:- on sale order I have create an action where he creates a packing list for current sale order and on sale order card page also I generated a Posted shipment no. and posted invoice no. which is used to generate a report after creating a packing list..

Problem:= eg in sales order he have 10 qty and he enter 7 in qty to ship, and click on action (for creating packing list) and then he generate report,
now he give that report for custom clearance, which takes one month or more,
in mean while now he need to make packing list for another remaining 3 qty so that he able to send that for custom, but before posting first 7 qty he is not able to enter next 3 qty for making packing list ...and also not able to generate next serial no. for posted shipment no. and posted invoice no.????


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    it isn't clear from your post, if items are shipped in time when generate packing list.
    1. Yes.
    You should post at least shipment and probably invoice and then your order is ready to maintain the next shipment
    2. No.
    The best way to do that is to create the new table to save your picking information. You should maintain a lot of issues, if you don't realize shipment (change fields in header, change lines, remove whole order ... )

    I think that system should cover the real item movement.
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    BlackTiger wrote:
    Just POST your shipment and print packing list from posted shipment.
    Seriously. You can return posted shipment later if necessary.
    Thanks It Works..:)
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