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My head is swimming from all the information I have been reading through on line MSDN/MIBUSO/Google/YouTube....

I am interested in knowing the difference between the license types.

Limited User - I know it can write to 3 tables, which 3 tables? Any 3 tables + GL Entries?
Device Only User
External User

The license types of Full and Windows I understand.

Using the Sales Order Entry to Invoicing process as the process can someone compare the Limited/Device Only/External user to the Full User.

Enter Sales Order (Types=GL Account and Items)
Post Shipment
Post Invoice

From a workstation vs. with an ADC conversation.

And if I have a production employee who will only enter post output/consumption and nothing else, what would the suggestion be? I think a Page published with WebServices and a Limited User. But if the posting is Item Ledger Entries, Value Ledger Entries, Capacity Entries and Warehouse Entries the Limited User would not work. And if Dimensions are setup then those entries as well will be counted as adding to tables.

Basically any informaiton about the difference in the license types will be helpful

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