show record in form if one of the two field have given value

sharadsharad Member Posts: 112
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Hi Friends,

I need Help,
I have a table in which two field "Assigned User" and "Prev. Assigned User" with some other fields present.
When I Login from SA then I want to show Records on form which has Either "Assigned User" = SA or "Prev. Assigned User" = SA.
How can I do this.
Sharad Gupta
Navision Technical Consultant & .Net Developer


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    abhinav0408abhinav0408 Member Posts: 35
    Hi Sharad,

    For this you need to mark the records for your desirable output and open the form with Marked only filter.
    But this might take time if your records are too high.
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    geordiegeordie Member Posts: 655
    And use USERID function to retrieve the user logged in.
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