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Starting with NAV 2013, when you run a table in Classic client, it opens RTC and displays the results in a runtime page. Ideally, I'd like to be able to run a table from within RTC, but that doesn't seem possible.

I know you can run a table using a hyperlink:
but that requires initiating it outside of RTC.

Any ideas on how to run a table from within RTC? Or how to create the runtime page that is used when running a table from Classic client?


- Zac


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    whitaker_timwhitaker_tim Member Posts: 23
    I do not believe that you can run a table from the RTC, in order to view and interact with table data you need a page. Pages can be as simple or complex as needed to provide basic or more detailed views as needed to provide the required functionality. I think the simplest approach would be to create a basic list page associated to the table and then call this from the RTC menu.
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