Dynamics NAV type provider - easy .NET data access

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I created a F# type provider for Dynamics NAV. It allows .NET programs to retrieve data from a Dynamics NAV instance on a SQL Server in a typed fashion.
It's pre-alpha at the moment but aims to get a replacement for data access technologies like C/Front.Net.

One of the really cool features is that you don't have to know the schema - the type provider discovers it on the fly.
See http://forki.github.io/DynamicsNAVProvider/

At the moment I'm looking for feadback and want to know what features it need to make this really useful.


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    mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Member Posts: 802
    Interesting.. How do you set filters?
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    forkiforki Member Posts: 4
    I'm just starting to write docs, but it's easy:
    query{ for cus in db.Customer do
           join sh in db.``Sales Header`` on (cus.``No.`` = sh.``Sell-to Customer No.``)
           where (cus.Name.StartsWith "Steffen") 
           select (cus.Name,sh.``No.``,sh.``Currency Code``) } 
      |> Seq.toArray
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    forkiforki Member Posts: 4
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