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Simple codeunit to create a XML file from MenuSuite objects.

Working method:
Export all MenuSuites as a text file.
Run Codeunit 50050 to create a XML file.
Open XML file in XML Notepad 2007.

You can Now browse, search objects and compare Menu Suites.

1. Codeunit 50050
Run-time: NAV versions Up to NAV2009.
Text file: all versions.
2. Codeunit 50050
Run-time NAV2013R2.
Text file: all versions.

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  • Johannes_NielsenJohannes_Nielsen Member Posts: 206
    I just wanted to thank you for sharing this with the community. it's always nice to see an initiative like this :thumbsup: :wink:
    Best regards / Venlig hilsen
    Johannes Sebastian
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