LDAP Authentication

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Hello everybody,

I searched the forum for this answer, and I only found some similar questions with not accurate answers from very old dates (before 2007), so here I ask it myself:

Our customer wants to authenticate Navision using 2 LDAP, in that way he wants to authenticate the user login in 2 differents AD at once. I'm really not that good with Network Administration topics, but from what I gathered over the internet LDAP is supposed to work as an authentication method.

I know from daily experience that LDAP is not one of the 2 authentication methods Navision can handle: Windows Login or Database Login.

1st question-) Can Navision handle LDAP for the 1st authentication (to log into the database)?
2nd question-) If Navision cannot handle LDAP for authentication, are there automation methods of doing so, using a Windows login for the 1st authentication, and then using LDAP in the 1st access (for example Codeunit 1) so that I could authenticate the 1 or 2 LDAPs that the customer wants?

Thank you very much for ANY feedback in this topic since I'm completely helpless.

Kind regards,
Marcelo Borges
New York, NY, U.S.A.
Dynamics NAV Consultant
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