Document prints twice, from two printer trays

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This is a 3.6 c/side database with 5.0sp1 update 2 executables.

We want to print the Sales Invoice and have it print out of two seperate trays from the same printer.

Report Selection
We have the Sales Invoice (10074) and a copy of the Sales Invoice (50000).
Each have been entered on the Sales & Receivables, Report Selection screen:

Usage = Invoice
Sequence 1 = Report 10074 Sales Invoice
Sequence 2 = Report 50000 Sales Invoice Copy

Printer Configuration
On the workstation I have added two printers. They are really the same printer, but they default to different trays from the same printer.
Printer 1 is named White and defaults to tray 1
Printer 2 is named Blue and defaults to tray 2

Printer Selection
In the Printer selection screen, the user is set to:
Report 10074, Printer White
Report 50000, Printer Blue.

The goal is to end up with one White Sales Invoice and one Blue Sales Invoice. Instead, the user clicks Print, the Print box pops up and we see the printer has defaulted to White. The paper prints out of the White tray, the Blue tray doesn't print. If we try to print another Sales Invoice, the second time the Print box will default to the Blue printer, and only print one invoice on blue paper.

It's as if it's toggling back and forth, first white, then blue. We can't seen to get both pieces of paper to print with a single action. Can someone advise what step we are missing?

Thank you


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    SonGoten13SonGoten13 Member Posts: 44
    Sounds correct to me ... :-k
    Another Option would be to use CurrReport.PAPERSOURCE(Number) to change trays. Thats how it is done in our company.
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