Exporting Object to txt

RMdiasRMdias Member Posts: 4
I need to export an object (table) to txt but it shows an error "the date is not valid" and i can't open it in Design nor Compile it, the error is allways the same.

The Object is working a very long time with no problems.

How can I export it or open it in Design? Any Ideas????


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    toennetoenne Member Posts: 38
    no quick idea, sorry!

    but perhaps you'll get further information on the error if you activate the debugger before opening the designer ?

    good luck
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    brianbbrianb Member Posts: 3
    Check the header of your text object

    OBJECT Codeunit xxxx Object name
    Time=[ 9:14:27];

    Version List=;

    Date format in obj header should correspond your machine's regional settings (PC you are trying to import & compile this object at).
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