NAV 2013 - multiple styles list

geordiegeordie Member Posts: 655
edited 2013-12-05 in NAV Three Tier
Hi, referring to this thread I just came across the chance in 2013 to define dynamically different styles using a text variable that has to be properly evaluated in OnAfterGetRecord trigger:
CASE "Document Type" OF
  "Document Type"::Order : StyleExprText := 'Ambiguous';
  "Document Type"::"Return Order" : StyleExprText := 'Attention';
  "Document Type"::Invoice : StyleExprText := 'Favorable';
  "Document Type"::"Credit Memo" : StyleExprText := 'Unfavorable';
  StyleExprText := 'Standard';

In effect StyleExpr property guide remarks this possibility and since nobody talked about it I thought would have been useful to open a new thread...did I discover the obvious? :?
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