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Hello all,

I'm having a very frustrating time getting web services to work on separate servers. We're running NAV 2009R2 on a MSSQL Server on 2008R2. We also have a separate IIS/Web service box running Windows 2008R2.

I have worked with our partner and read a lot of forums regarding the navdatabasepassword exception and I've got it almost working. Here are the steps I am taking currently to reproduce my error:
1) Reboot all servers, SQL, IIS, etc
2) Log into the IIS Server and access the WS URL: http://localhost:7047/DynamicsNAV/WS/Services
2a) I receive a list of the WS
3) Go to my desktop, access the WS URL: http://calax-iisdev-01:7047/DynamicsNAV/WS/Services
3a) I get a NAVDatabasepasswordexception error
4) Go back to the IIS server and access the same URL: http://calax-iisdev-01:7047/DynamicsNAV/WS/Services
4a) I receive a list of my webservices
5) Go back to my desktop and refresh the URL. I now get my list of services.

This is very frustrating because once you access it locally, it will then work from any other desktop computer. Does anyone have any more suggestions or have you seen this happen before? I need to get this to a point where it's stable and reliable as we would really like to start working on some apps which will consume the WS.


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