Slow posting of Sales Orders (RTC vs. Classic client)

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We have a customer with many sales orders, but with few lines on each order - approx. 50 lines.

The posting takes fairly long time. Around 30 sec if we do it with the classic client and 1 min. with the rtc client.

My questions is - why is the rtc client so slow? Is that a common problem?

What key elements to look for if we want to improve the posting process?



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    Tommy_SchouTommy_Schou Member Posts: 117
    I would suggest you take a look at the settings for your service tier.

    Here you have a setting for "Metadata Provider Cache Size". Default value is 150 I believe (caches 150 objects). Try setting this to 500-1000-2000 depending on available resources.

    Then do not compare initial 1 invoice posting between classic and RTC. Post 1 invoice in each. Then post another invoice and time that 2nd posting. That will give you a more fair view of the performance.

    2013 R2 is pretty damn fast with regards to posting but the initial fetching of objects can be a slow process. But with the correct cache size it will not be done that often and will result in a general feeling of the system being "faster" overall.
    Best regards
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