number of columns in jet report express

hery_halimhery_halim Member Posts: 53
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Dear all,

is there any limitation in number of column in jet report express. I encountered error below :

Jet Express for Dynamics NAV

Invoking the web service failed with the following message:

Index out of bounds.

This happened when i change the formulas from :




Any help or information is really appreciate. Thanks


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    Joe_LittleJoe_Little Member Posts: 45
    Hi Hery,

    There is not a limitation, so my guess is that it may have something to do with the content of the fields that you are specifying, but I don't really know. The best thing to do is ask this question on the Jet Express support forum (http://expresssupport.jetreports.com). There are more people who would know the answer there.

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    hery_halimhery_halim Member Posts: 53
    Thanks Joe,

    I think i use too many linksum to retrieve the data.

    is there anyway, i can create aging report easily in jet express. I can't figure out how to repeat the column to the right.
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    Joe_LittleJoe_Little Member Posts: 45
    Hi Hery,

    I was going to say that there isn't an easy way to do this with Jet Express. It would be quite easy if you could create a column with formulas, but this is part of Jet Essentials, so you need to pay for that. Formulas are super useful, and make lots of things possible like YOY comparisons, rising star reports, etc.

    Luckily I checked the Jet Express report player so that I wouldn't embarrass myself with an incorrect answer and I found two A/R reports included. One summary and one detail. You may be able to use them out of the box, or you may want to modify them, but they should give you what you need. You can download this from http://jetexpress.jetreports.com. Just click the pre-built reports link. Once you download and install the player, you can just click on the reports and they'll open in Excel. You can save them off or add your own reports to the player if you want.

    If you have other questions about that, the Jet Express forum (http://expresssupport.jetreports.com/index.php) is your best bet. There is an ask the community area and if you posted there, you wouldn't have had to wait for me to return from holiday for an answer. :)

    Good luck and thanks for using Jet Express.
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