wrong G/L Entry entries after "Reverse Transaction"

dakyndakyn Member Posts: 36
Hi guys,
I have this problem:
I post the purchase invoice, after this I post a payment by "Payment Journals".
After that, I try to "Unapply Entries" and then I try to "Revers Transaction".

After all this, I found in "G/L Entries" a strange entry with Amount = zero
and in "G/L Book Entry" (Italian Localization" there is an entry that has "Credit Amoun" and "Debit Amount" valued.

I've attach example by "Cronus Italia" of NAV 2009 R2


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    geordiegeordie Member Posts: 655
    Hi, I was able to reproduce the behavior (Cronus 2009 R2 too), I think the trouble is related to how invoice and payment are applied: in the first attempt I chose "Apply entries" in payment journal form and directly applied the entries, in the second one I applied manually, then un-applied and reversed.

    In the first way Detailed Vendor Ledg. Entry regarding payment and invoice-payment application have the same Transaction No., otherwise they are inserted as different transactions, perhaps is it the reason why they aren't reversed correctly?
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