Line Discounts for multiple items / product groups

FrederikFrederik Member Posts: 8
Dear mibuso friends,

I want to create a line discount with a minimum order quantity that works on multiple items / product groups.
I can put the items in an item discount group but from there I get a problem.
If I create the line discount of 45% on a item dicount group with a minimum order quantity of 2 then:
If I create a sales order and put a line with a item that is in the item discount group and put quantity 2, then I get 45% line discount.
If I order in a sale order one line with a item that is in the item discount group and put quantity 1, and put another line with another item that is in the item discount group and put again a quantity of 1, then I do not get the 45% line discount but it settles down on another line discount of only 39%, while I do buy 2 items out the item discount group with 45% discount.
Navision does not re evaluate the whole order if considering a linediscount I think.
Is there a way to solve this, or should I create a type of discount like this in another way?

Would like to know,



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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    You cannot handle this type of discount in standard NAV - the system calculates price and line discount of each line in isolation so even if you had the same item on 2 lines it will not sum up the quantities when comparing against the minimum quantity on sales prices or sales line discounts. You will need to have some additional development done to achieve what you want.
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    FrederikFrederik Member Posts: 8

    Thank you for your reply, I was already suspecting such thing. In my opinion it is bit weird that a discount can not be evaluated over a whole sales order. Also orderlines of the same item are not summarized to one orderline when releasing the salesorder (which could be a first step to develop such type discount...).

    With Kind Regards,

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