Dutch XBRL schema

DerekHuizerDerekHuizer Posts: 7Member
Dear all,

Since BAPI will be replaced by SBR(XBRL) i'm investigating the changes that have to be made. Luckily XBRL is supported by NAV and the schema's can be imported.

I tried to import the IFRS schema with success, but when I tried to import our Dutch XBRL schema's for ICP and VAT declarations provided by the Dutch authorities the result was an error that the document doesn't contain a schema location:
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic
There is no Schemalocation defined in the document.

Is there anyone else having this problem?


  • hvdhoevenhvdhoeven Posts: 99Member
    Did you find an answer for this question, Derek?
    I am interested in your findings in using XBRL/SBR in the Dutch situation.
  • HatchetHarryHatchetHarry Posts: 24Member
    Same problem here. I contacted MS and they say they dont support this structure and not going too.
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