Dutch XBRL schema

DerekHuizerDerekHuizer Member Posts: 7
Dear all,

Since BAPI will be replaced by SBR(XBRL) i'm investigating the changes that have to be made. Luckily XBRL is supported by NAV and the schema's can be imported.

I tried to import the IFRS schema with success, but when I tried to import our Dutch XBRL schema's for ICP and VAT declarations provided by the Dutch authorities the result was an error that the document doesn't contain a schema location:
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic
There is no Schemalocation defined in the document.

Is there anyone else having this problem?


  • hvdhoevenhvdhoeven Member Posts: 99
    Did you find an answer for this question, Derek?
    I am interested in your findings in using XBRL/SBR in the Dutch situation.
  • HatchetHarryHatchetHarry Member Posts: 24
    Same problem here. I contacted MS and they say they dont support this structure and not going too.
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