Problem with NAS and Exchange Server and the Email Logging

NokioNokio Member Posts: 52
I'm testing the Email Logging with Navision and Outlook.

This is the problem, I have installed and configurated the NAS on my PC.
When I start NAS with MAILLOG he works properly (no errors). In the "Event announcement" you can see that he started the dispatcher properly. So my problem is this when I copy an Email in the Queue Folder he doesn't move it to the storage folder as he have to do. The two Folders are on the Exchange server. I think the NAS doesn't know that the both folders are on the Exchange Server or maybe he has a problem with communicating with the Server i dont know.

If I run the dispatcher from Navision as a Client it works all pretty fine, but I have to make it works with the NAS.
I hope you did understand the problem.

THX for every help.
Sorry if my English is not the best.

I found the problem it works now.


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    bob_halesbob_hales Member Posts: 22
    I have the same problem as you describe. What was your solution?

    Bob Hales
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    ngebhardngebhard Member Posts: 127
    Could you share your solution with us? We have the same problem at a customers installation! Would be perfect if we get this problem solved!

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    NokioNokio Member Posts: 52
    The simpliest solution for this problem is to uninstall all previous Navision versions and to install a new 3.70 or 4.00 version. After that it should be working. The system where the Outlook Synchronisation is installed should only have one Navision version and of course the same version of NAS so if you have Navision 4.00 you need NAS 4.00 as well.

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