Item Journal Takes Forever to Post

midnightmidnight Member Posts: 74
Doing 1 item journal to adjust inventory is taking about 25 mins to complete. If we try to do 2 you can double the time. Used to be fine. Did it in our test environment is about 20 secs. Has anyone else came across this issue. No system changes to speak of. We're on NAV2009 SP1, SQL DB.



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    Marije_BrummelMarije_Brummel Member, Moderators Design Patterns Posts: 4,262
    Is the database optimised/reindexed?

    Did you or someone else change some setup value?

    How old is the testdb?

    In these cases it is often searching for differences.
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    NoelitNoelit Member Posts: 23
    DB might not be optimised and Also did u set up the DB on a different drive from the Drive that has the OS.
    Look at the size of the Log file it may also be an issue.
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    midnightmidnight Member Posts: 74
    Thanks for the replys. DB and Os are on different drives. I'm no SQL expert, and don't think a re-index has been done. Can you provide any pointers on how to optimize and reindex?

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    william_marcelinuswilliam_marcelinus Member Posts: 34

    Have you checked other posting process such as Invoice posting or Warehouse posting?
    if other process same as slow the item journal then must be something wrong with your
    sometimes even on optimized system and database item journal could be getting slower usually in
    end of month. to re-adjust performance, user must re-adjust the stocks.

    reference : http://www.advanced-business-systems.co ... urnal.aspx
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