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Has anyone tried to send mail to multiple recipients with PDFMachine?
I tried setting as autometed code:

#_ emailto [email protected] _#
#_ emailto [email protected] _#

but it sends the mail only to second address written. How can I manage to have the mail sent to all the addresses?

I don't want to use the cc option.


  • PrebenRasmussenPrebenRasmussen Member Posts: 137
    Have you tried the simple solution: separating them by comma or semicolon?
  • kneoATworkkneoATwork Member Posts: 19
    Yes it doesn't work ](*,)

    :-k :-k :-k
  • SBCSBC Member Posts: 6
    Try to make a space between the addresses
    ex. #_ EmailTo [email protected] [email protected] _#.

    It works for me.

    I have another problem with the PdfMachine. I have definede the following in the report header:

    #_ emailsubject a subject text _#
    #_ Emailbody the body text _#
    #_ EmailTo [email protected] [email protected] _#

    It works fine when I dont set any filter via the request window. But when I do I get an error and the PdfMachine close. I have the same problem when I run the report from another report.
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