New SQL user on my Dynamics NAV database

nathalietnathaliet Member Posts: 9
I would like to create a new SQL user (with read-only privileges) on my Dynamics NAV database for datawarehouse connection.
This user doesn't exist in Dynamics NAV and I would prefer not to create it.
Everything works weel except whel I create / update a SQL user from NAV (Tools / Security / Database logins), then my "SQL only" user is deleted.

Does someone has already faced such a problem ? What is the right way to proceed ?

Thanks for your answers.



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    bbrownbbrown Member Posts: 3,268
    Add the user into NAV, but don't assign it any roles. This will prevent it from getting deleted when a security sync is done in NAV. But, since it has no roles, it will have no access from within NAV.
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    nathalietnathaliet Member Posts: 9
    Thanks, I will create this user in Navision without roles.
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