GDPDU Export - Solving DTD Problem with Export for IDEA

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When exporting data with the German GDPdU Interface you may encounter problems that the system will have problems to create the index.xml.
The Reasons seems to be a problem with the filename of the needed DTD, which is originally provided as "GDPdU-01-08-2002.dtd".
After renaming the file to "gdpdu.dtd" everything worked.

The problem was encountered with Navision 3.70A German(I believe GDPdU is only concerning German users for auditing purposes)


  • RallnusRallnus Member Posts: 79
    When I set "DTD Dateiname" in Options to "gdpdu" I get the mentioned error that the "DTD-Datei" doesn't exist. What can I do?

    The code

    IF FileSysObject.FileExists(DTDPathFileName) THEN
    MESSAGE('%1 created!',DTDFileName)
    ERROR('%1 not created',DTDFileName);

    will show an error.

    FileSysObject is type Automation,
    'Microsoft Scripting Runtime'.FileSystemObject
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  • esbaesba Member Posts: 12
    i get the same error while creating the xml-file independent of which file name is entered. any idea where to look?
  • rthswrthsw Member Posts: 73
    Just copy the gdpdu.dtd (with this name!) to
    a) your Navision client Directory (e.g. C:\Programme\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\Client\)
    b) to your base-exportdirectoy (e.g. d:\gdpdu\), and everything (expect the FileOverflow for the TempTable) will work.

    for the overflow you will have to change the TmpTable to a real-table, or build a wrapper which will call the export only for very little time-areas (e.g. only Monthly export).
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