Form hyperlink to desktop opens with DB signon

applauseapplause Member Posts: 2

I'm experimenting with publishing a hyperlink to some users. The purpose is that the user can click the link and it will open NAV on a specific form. My base is the "Send hyperlink to desktop" function, found in the File > Send menu. The hyperlink created on the desktop looks like this (Anonymized)

[url=navision://client/run?servername=SQLservername%26database=databasename%26company=Cronus%26target=Form%206107680%26servertype=MSSQL]navision://client/run?servername=SQLser ... type=MSSQL[/url]

If my NAV is open it Works just fine and opens form 206107680. If my NAV is closed it opens NAV but prompts for DB login. I've tried to add a %26ntauthentication=1 in the hyperlink but it does not Work.

Does anyone have an idea on how I can force the link to use windowslogon?

Kind regards, Rasmus


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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,125
    There is no (documented) URL parameter to achieve this.

    However, If the user logged on to NAV before, using the default .zup (%APPDATA%\fin.zup), NAV will try to use the same logon method again, even wheen called from an URL.
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