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I've searched everywhere but I can't find the solution for my problem.

I want to create a PDF button that opens a specific PDF file.
I have my PDF files in a specific server, the path is like: \\myserver\myfolder\myfile.pdf

I'm using the Function Hyperlink and I can get the file with RTC but when I try to run the web client it says:
- A server error has occurred, and the content cannot be displayed. Refresh the page or open a new browser window.

I know that I need to specify the path type, so I have: HYPERLINK([url=file://myserver/myfolder/myfile.pdf]file://myserver/myfolder/myfile.pdf[/url]).
Note: The folder is shared.
However the same error appears.

There are 2 curious points..

- If I specify the path just regarding folders, like HYPERLINK([url=file://myserver/myfolder]file://myserver/myfolder[/url], it opens correctly, only when I specify the file it doesn't work (Maybe something related to file extensions)
- If the path type is http it works correctly too.

I don't know if it has something to do with de fin.stx file or it's something else, so I'm asking for help in this matter.

Thank you very much


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    ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,256

    The solution I came up with was to use File Management codeunit
    and exportBlob function.

    This will upload the file to the user.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
    Independent Consultant/Developer

    blog: https://dynamicsuser.net/nav/b/ara3n
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