Installing e-mail logging for Navision 3.70A

froddienfroddien Member Posts: 7
I`m trying to install e-mail logging for Navsion 3.60. When I try to select the queue folder or storage folder, the following message occurs:

"Could not invoke the member FindFolderID. The OLE control or Automation server returned the following message:

The requested member does not exist, or the call tried to set the value of a read-only property"

Do you have any idea of what to do? I tried to compile codeunit 5064, but i failed. It was something with the Application Handler.


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    langlang Member Posts: 27
    I had the same problem. Try following:
    uninstall all Navision software (3.60 and there was 3.70 and 4.00 on my harddisk as well), and install only 3.60.
    I didnt install the MDAC 2.6, i am using the MDAC installed with 3.70.

    Maybe this helps!
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