Quantity on Item Card differs from Quantity when I go to Ite

yuppicideyuppicide Member Posts: 410
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Nav 3.10

I always forget.. does your Navision have a Variant on Item? This is where we put color.

Without going into a detailed story, someone did an Item Journal (years ago) but forgot the Variant. Thus, on that item when you go to Item Card it shows Qty on Hand 0, but if you click Item Availability By Variant it shows -18.

I've tried doing an Item Journal like I normally would.. did +18 with Variant. Now Item Card shows Qty on Hand 18, but Item Availability by color shows 0. The opposite of the above line.

I can't wrap my head around how to fix it so both locations are zero. We'll probably just block the item and create another. But still in the back of my head I'd like to know how to fix it.

If there's no way to fix it by Item Journal is there another way to go about this? Maybe there's some other software?


  • Torben_R.Torben_R. Member Posts: 99
    You have to do a negative adjustment of the quantity without variant as well.
  • yuppicideyuppicide Member Posts: 410
    I think I found a way to do it.. I think it's going to work from the Physical Inventory Adjustment. We only do inventory.. ooh maybe twice in the 6 or 7 years I've been here. But we are doing an inventory this week.
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