Strange issues with Navision Attain 3.6

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The following issues have just arisen in the past day or two.

PROBLEM 1: Invoice for a customer we provide service for:
-Under Service Management we use the Periodic Activity to create Contract Invoices function to make a batch of the monthly invoices at once. When I went to do that, one of the Contract Invoices showed the wrong date, due to the fact that a manual invoice had also been made for this particular month.
-A single invoice for the customer was created with the wrong date, using the create contract invoices function, in order to correct the date problem with the batch of invoices.
-Since we had created an erroneous invoice, we deleted the unposted sales invoice, thinking that since it had not been posted, it would not make a difference.
-I then invoiced the batch of monthly invoices, and went to post them. All but the one invoice posted just fine. This particular invoice will not post, and we receive the error “Old Open Service Ledger entries have been found for service contract XXXXX. You must close them by posting the old sales invoices.”

PROBLEM 2: Service Invoices are showing up as Sales Orders
-An invoice appears under the Sales order list, when it is a service.
-I entered information into a recurring job journal, and posted it to the job ledger. This, in the past, would turn the job ledger into a Sales Invoice, at which point I could edit the invoice and post it to the customer. This did not happen when I posted the job journal today.
-Instead an entry appeared, again in the Sales Orders list.

Any help would be appreciated...
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