Object Merging in NAV

chandrurecchandrurec Member Posts: 560
Hi all,

For doing object merge in NAV, which one is better Developer Toolkit or Araxis Merge tool.

Thanks in advance.



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    jglathejglathe Member Posts: 639
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    Hi Chandru,

    honestly, not sure. I don't know about Araxis, but Developer Toolkit won't be my choice. I would recommend using something like UltraCompare. I'm using Mercurial and Subversion (TortoiseHG and TortoiseSVN) myself, and occasionally UltraCompare. The TortoiseMerge Tool is the best compromise in usability vs. complexity, IMO.

    with best regards

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    lvanvugtlvanvugt Member Posts: 774
    Araxis is my tool for ages already. Clearly I will not take anything else. :P
    But of course it's fully text file oriented and NAV agnostic. In that sense different form Developers Toolkit. The latter however has been discontinued and not updated for Pages and RDLC Reports (and Query objects).
    MergeTool is also an option, but haven't worked with that for so long.
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    Johannes_NielsenJohannes_Nielsen Member Posts: 206
    Ive just tried out MergeTool, been looking at it with envy for some time.

    Now I had a 4.03 > 2013 upgrade (including data) so I really liked to have the: "Old" vs. "Old Custom" vs. "New" vs. "New Custom" - 4-version overview.

    But after loading all the versions, figuring out the GUI(which could easily be improved 300%) the resulting txt couldn't be loaded in the database containing data without prepping every single table object manually first.

    So, close but no cigar. So, I''ll keep looking for my NAV mergetool :)

    BTW: I use WinMerge for text comparison, it's not very fancy but trusty.
    Best regards / Venlig hilsen
    Johannes Sebastian
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