Calling the CreateReservEntryFor and CreateEntry functions

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I'm trying to add serial numbers (multiple) for purchase order lines during import.
I have two tables, one with the imported lines (lines in temp table include order nubmer, line number, types and item numbers all that you need to make a line where you can go and add serial number)
and one table that has the serial numbers for these lines

The import should add the serial numbers to the open purchase order lines (there is a check that the order and lines are in place)

and I have a codeunit that runs with Nas.
The question is what and which parameters I need to use for CreateReservEntryFor and CreateEntry functions to add the lines.

I tried this topic but I'm failing to call the functions

Where do I get the quantities tracspec? and do I need the lotno if its just needs to add serial number and what is resstatus?


Any help would be great. Its my last piece of puzzle for this project n_n


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    KisuKisu Member Posts: 381
    hmm so when I add the serial number manually to the purch order line, the entry goes to table 337. Reservation Entry

    positive, qty 1 table 39 and with sn

    I could write code to do this straight but as there is ready function to do this I'd rather use that.
    But when I call the function it says I cant add line cause the entry type is 0 in reservation entry table, entry no=0 and positive = no

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