Expected Amount (ACY) is not getting reverse fully when undo

santhanaksanthanak Member Posts: 91
Hi All,

we are using NAV 2009 SP1 NA version

Setup as follows:
Automatic Cost Posting: Yes
Expected Cost Posting : yes
Costing Method : Average

raised a Sales Order with Currency Code (foreign trade tab) in USD (is the ACY). when we post the shipment it created a value entry as follows

Cost Amount Expected : 1328
Cost Amount Expected(ACY): 263

In addition to this amount there is flag in Adjustment (since the Automatic Cost posting is set to true) and created an another line as

Cost Amount Expected (ACY): 55

when we do undo shipment function: it reversed as follows

Cost Amount Expected : 1328
Cost Amount Actual : - 1328
Cost Amount Expected(ACY): 263
Cost Amount Acutal (ACY): -263

but not reversed the Adjustment entry i.e., Cost Amount Expected (ACY): 55 (still remains)

i ran the Adjust Cost - Item Entries Batch job manually still no use.

Could you please suggest to solve this.


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    amr_wafaamr_wafa Member Posts: 23

    I know that this is a very old post, but i'm facing the same issue in 2009.
    It would be great if somebody can help me in this instead of opening a new thread.

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