Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013 Style Sheet Tool

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013 Style Sheet Tool
The Style Sheet Tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013 enhances the Style Sheet feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 by allowing you to easily and without programming knowledge create and modify style sheets in Microsoft Office Word.

Changes to Style Sheet tool for NAV 2013

1.Multi-multiline support is added, so it is now possible to add several multiline records to the style sheet. Note though that records can not be indented, but added sequentially.

2.Setup page is modified to add Open/Save/Send options.

3.In NAV 2009, codeunit 50000 was released for automatic integration of the Style Sheet functionality with pages. Pages were then exported in xml format and modified by running codeunit 50000, to add style sheet actions.

This no longer works for NAV2013, as export /import of objects in xml format is no longer an option. Hence, adding Style Sheet Action (button) to each page must be done manually.

Follow the example below when adding the style sheet action to a page:

i. Add the action to the action designer (under appropriate group) with following properties:

Expanded Type SubType Name Caption
0 Action <Action680> Style Sheets

ii. OnAction trigger should contain following line:


where StyleSheetDataMgt is a variable of type codeunit, 682 (Style Sheet Data Management).

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  • ben5000ben5000 Member Posts: 110
    Finally! :)

    Nice job! =D>
  • trombonemantromboneman Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for all of your hard work! This is great news, and I will be testing it out this weekend.
  • TrigunIITrigunII Member Posts: 1
    Hi there!

    Does this Style Sheet Tool also work with Office 2013? One of my customers is having problems starting it with Office 2013 while we have no problems at all though we are using Office 2010.
  • vianjuvianju Member Posts: 3
    Great job, but this functionality doesn't work with web client because "LoadStylesheetDataRTC" is using automation variables...I think it shoud had done whit dotnet variables...

    Can anyone help me? Anyone has adapted this code to be running whith webclient?
  • shrekutshrekut Member Posts: 27
    Is there such a tool about for NAV 2013 R2. Can anyone help me understand how to make custom style sheets for NAV 2013 R2?
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