Dynamics NAV application design

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Session title: Dynamics NAV application design
Date: Thursday, 7 November 2013
Time: 11:30 - 13:00
Level: 300 - Advanced
Speakers: Anders Larsen, Bogdana Botez, Bogdan Sturzoiu, Nikola Kukrika

Session description:
Generations and generations of C/AL developers have struggled creating new functionality from scratch, often finding that they’ve spent many summer nights reinventing the wheel. We are hoping to put an end to these times by creating a set of reusable coding and design patterns, that will become the “norm” of how things could be done in NAV. How to deal with temporary data sets when using them as a report backbone, or how to display data processing errors all at once, instead of one by one during journal line validation or other processing - those are examples of issues that surface again and again when developing new NAV solutions.

In the second part of the presentation, we will present the new design paradigms introduced in the NAV mini-app for enhancing usability. We will present how to develop trimmed down versions of your core application objects, for a subset of users. The session will show the solution we chose for downsizing our base pages and overloading their functionality (in a simplified manner) for users that do not need all the features contained in the main objects.

The NAV Design Patterns initiative we are presenting aims at providing the community with scalable, reusable pieces of code, that will show any C/AL developer, either experienced or junior, how things can be done, saving time and energy. Join us!

Use this thread to post your questions, comments or things you would like to see in this session at the conference.
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