No superuser in Navision DOS 3.56

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We have a customer with only 1 user in their database.
The problem is that the user is not "super" and Thus does not have permission to make a backup.
The customer whises to upgrade their database to NAV 2013, which is why i need to make a backup.
Does anyone have an idea how to get a superuser access?

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    I dont know if you already solved this problem. Not much to do on that I guess but you can take a copy of the Database and then in the copy delete the one user if that is possible. If no users in 3.56 the "blind user" is always a superuser.

    If not solve, please reply back and let me see if I can help you. You are welcome at

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    Well not sure if you can do this anymore, but if you enter it think 10 ? as pw navision will return a code that you then could call Navision with and they would then give you a onetime password you could get in

    but again i'm not sure that service exist anymore and i have no idea who you should call

    i would try to contact MS and see if they still have that option first and if they have when you enter the ? in the pw field and get the window up with the code then do NOT close that window again until you have received the code from MS otherwise you will need to do it all over again.

    Good luck
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