Account Schedule issue................

rinki123rinki123 Member Posts: 367
Hi Experts,

Is it possible by any functional process that a new line will automatically insert in Account Schedule whenever a new ledger added in C.O.A. ??????????

For Example-

I have inserted a group of Expenses in Account Schedule Form and Totaling Type = Totaling,Totaling = from starting of group beginning total to ending of group total.
Now after creating Account Schedule, i have inserted a new ledger in C.O.A. which is a part of that totaling group,so is it possible that a new line of that particular ledger which is associated with that group will be automatically add in that group in Account schedule and visible also? I knew that if a new ledger added in C.O.A. value-wise Totaling will automatically updated but my requirement is all about new ledger addition in old and already maintained group in Account Schedule.



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