Inventory Valuation

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We are implementing NAV financials and have used NAV for everything else for years. For various reasons our GL doesn't match with the inventory sub ledger so we are thinking about a process to zero out the GL and try to match with the sub ledger which is right.

We have noticed that when we run the inventory valuation report(10139) it does some adjustments on the run and report a different value than what's stored in the value entry table(we confirmed by comparing value entry totals to report totals).

Does anyone know why the report does that? We are just wondering which number to put in the GL, the value we get out of the report or the total from the value entry table?


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    Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    Run the Inventory to G/L Reconcile report and run it with an As of Date of 12/31/2099.

    Inventory Valuation report is not what you need.
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    maybe you have posted some entry in future. and as of date removes them in the aging report
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    pvarpvar Member Posts: 157
    I am trying to reconcile the inventory with g/l as of June 29th because that is when we did the last physical count and we always used inventory valuation report as a basis to book the g/l in another application.

    Anyways I ran the reconcile report as of june 29th (I checked on any future date entries and we didn't have any) and it reported the same value in g/l(same way you get that by doing a date filter on chart of accounts) but it's still different than inventory valuation report. It also said a few items need Pending adj so I ran adjust cost -item entries batch job but that didn't make any difference.

    So I am confused why the inventory valuation report differs from the value posted to g/l and what the real inventory value is, it's not a few dollar difference, thousands of dollars in just one category! Any other factors contribute to this difference? what other things I need to check? Thanks for your help.
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