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Hello. I tried to search but did not succeed.

I have XML port for export. And I need to export multiple lines within element.

XML structure should look like this:
<AdrLine>ulice SEPA prikazce</AdrLine>
<AdrLine>mesto SEPA prikazce</AdrLine>

tag AdrLine should be exported more than once.
My XML port structure is like this:
Node Name Node Type Source Type Data Source
PstlAdr Element Text PstlAdr2
Ctry Element Text PstlAdr_Ctry
AdrLine Element Text PstlAdr_AdrLine

I do not know how to export AdrLine more than once.
I tried to define AdrLine as Table Integer and cycle through Integer but I do not know how to pass value to AdrLine - I am fair new to dataport structure.

any help will be welcome.
Martin Bokůvka, AxiomProvis
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